About the Strategy

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The St. Louis Economic Development Strategy is an opportunity to create and retain jobs, support existing businesses and create economic opportunity for all St. Louisans .

The Strategy will guide investment and policy decisions by the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC), the City, and its public, private, and institutional partners to position St. Louis on a path towards a more equitable and robust economy.

As with any effort of this magnitude, the ultimate success of the strategy will hinge upon the support of key partners who regularly work to make this City a better place. There will be many ways for the public to provide input and we need all voices to shape this Strategy.  Our commitment is to authentically engage the City’s diverse communities and identify actionable strategies that will better distribute opportunity, jobs, and income across the City.  Ultimately, the Strategy needs to help improve the outcomes for all where the distribution of resources, opportunities, and burdens are driven by future possibility rather than race, income, or historic patterns of investment.

This work is just beginning. The team is currently collecting a lot of data about the City’s economy and people. Our job is to share and discuss this information and work with you and translate that information into actionable strategies that clearly identify: what we are trying to accomplish; ways to create more shared opportunity and wealth; what specific types of investments best support the vision for the City and are necessary to generate job opportunities for residents and; a clear plan of action to guide the work of local partners in making this Strategy a reality.

Our primary goals for this work are:

1)      To educate and broaden the discussion about the City’s economic potential.  This is an effort to raise awareness about the City’s economic opportunities and begin to engage key neighborhood, business, civic and philanthropic leaders around their values and vision for the City.

2)     To bring together the key stakeholders – residents, business leaders, employers, developers, non-profits, major institutions, the City and many more – to shape the plan, its strategies and ultimately drive its implementation.

The Strategy will be created over the remainder of 2019.  We will be having smaller discussions and larger public events this Spring with additional outreach in the Fall to discuss ideas and your priorities for St. Louis.